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Mobile Phone Glass Screen Detection And Measurement

Detection Object: Smart phone glass screen detection and measurement

Testing requirements:

  • Size measurement
  • Matching 29MP (full frame 44mm) large area scan camera
  • See the whole screen at once
  • High precision
Solution: DTCM35FH-80H-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + external coaxial light source + 29M full-frame 44mm camera
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Circuit Board Solder Joint Inspection

Detection Object:
Circuit board solder joint inspection

Testing Requirements:
  • Check for missing solder.
  • Whether the solder joints overlap.
  • Detection of pin alignment.
Solution: DTCM125-48-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + white shadowless ring light +1/2.5″ 5M camera
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Automobile Engine Fuse Box Plastic Frame Inspection

Detection Object: Car engine fuse box plastic frame.
Testing requirements:
  • Detection of lack of glue.
  • Detect the smallest defect of 0.1mm.
  • Field of view 150*100.
Solution: DTCM35FH-240H-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + DTCL-240-1W-G + 29M full-frame camera
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Pharmaceutical oral Liquid Bottle Inspection

Detection Object: Oral liquid bottle inspection.
Testing requirements:
  • Bottle mouth and bottle size detection.
  • Large field of view FOV 100mm (diagonal).
  • High precision.
Solution: DTCM125-100-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + DTCL-100-1W-G (telecentric parallel backlight) + 1/2.5″ camera
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Metal Parts Measurement

Detection Object: Metal parts measurement.
Testing requirements:
  • Size measurement.
  • High precision.
Solution: DTCM118-64H-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + DTCL-64-1W-G (telecentric parallel backlight) +1/1.8″ camera

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What is Telecentric Illumination?

What is Telecentric Illumination?

A telecentric illuminator collimates light from an LED or fiber optic light source. The light runs through high-quality glass lenses

New Launched

MFA121-U18 Fixed Focal Length Lens

· Up to 24 Megapixels, 2.74μm Pixel Size Sensors
· Up to 1.2“, C-Mount Lens 
· Variable Aperture, Excellent Uniformity
· 18mm Focal Length

Hole Inspection Lenses for 360° Inside View

· Compact Design, 12mm tinest diameter for every bore
· Supported 2/3”camera with φ6mm image circle.
· Customizable aperture to adjust the brightness and depth of field.

1μm Ultra-High Resolution DTCA35F Lenses

· Support 35mm Full Frame, 65MP, 8K 5μm Camera
· Built-in Highly Uniform Coaxial Illumination Sysytem
· For Precise Measurement and Inspection in the Semiconductor Industry

DTCA24K Bi-telecentric Lenses for Line Scan Cameras

· Up to Φ88mm, 24K 3.5μm Pixel Size Line Scan Sensors.
· High Resolution MTF30>100Ip/mm
· Large Aperture F/#=4.8.

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MFA121-U18 Fixed Focal Length Lens


LASER-75V1 Laser Processing Lens


Hole Inspection Lenses for 360° Inside View


1μm DTCA35F Ultra-High Resolution Lens


Bi-Telecentric Lenses for Line Scan Cameras


DTCM16K 90° Large FOV Bi-Telecentric Lens


DTCM16K 59mm M72-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lenses


DTCM230 2/3" C-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lenses


WWH30 Megapixel Telecentric Lens with Coaxial Light


WWH100 10X 2/3'' Telecentric Lens with Coaxial Light

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MFA121 25mm 1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lens


MFA121 35mm Fixed Focal Length Lens


1.419X, 88mm M95 Bi-Telecentric Lens


1.173X, 88mm M95 Bi-Telecentric Lens


0.96X, 88mm M95 Bi-Telecentric Lens


1X 2/3" Telecentric Lenses with Coaxial Light


10X 2/3" Telecentric Lenses with Coaxial Light


0.273X, 59mm M72-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lenses


0.238X, 2/3" C-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lenses


0.048X, 2/3" C-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lenses

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MFA121-U50 Fixed Focal Length Lens


MFA121-U70 Fixed Focal Length Lens


DTCA35 Telecentric Lens for Full Frame Cams


DTCA24K F#4.8 High Resolution Telecentric Lens


DTCA24K Telecentric Lens for Linescan Cameras


151 MegaPixels Bi-Telecentric Lenses


MFA121-U35 1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lenses


88mm M95-Mount Bi-Telecentric Lens


2/3" Telecentric Lenses With Coaxial Light


2/3" Telecentric Lenses With Coaxial Light