C-Mount Fixed Focal Length Lenses

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•Up to 1/1.8", C-Mount Lenses •Up to 6 MegaPixels, 2.4μm Pixel Size Sensors •Variable Aperture, High Resolution, Ruggedized Design •6mm to 50mm Focal Length
*This series may have an updated appearance compared to the image shown, specifications remain unchanged.

•Up to 1.2", C-Mount Lenses
•Up to 25 MegaPixels, 2.74μm Pixel Size Sensors
•Variable Aperture, Excellent Uniformity
•18mm to 75mm Focal Length
•Up to 1", C-Mount Lenses •Up to 20 MegaPixels, 2.4μm Pixel Size Sensors •Variable Aperture, High Performance, Low Distortion •6mm to 50mm Focal Length
•Up to 2/3", C-Mount Lenses •Up to 10 MegaPixels, 3.45μm Pixel Size Sensors •Variable Aperture, Compact •8mm to 50mm Focal Length
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