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With a focus on "strictly brands selection" and "marketing," it drives VICO Imaging® to deliver our customers with valuable products and services by selecting the excellent machine vision brands and sharing our industry applications expertise.


Certified VICO Imaging® Quality
Designed, Specified, Manufactured by
VICO Imaging®

Telecentric Lenses, FA Lenses,
Linescan Lenses, Micro Inspection System, Imaging Accessories

i-Tek ®

China's Top-ranked Linescan Camera
Exclusive Global Distribution Partner
Linescan Camera, Image Capture Card,
Large-format Cameras,
High-Speed Camera


Imaging Quality Test Solution
VICO Imaging® Exclusive Global Partner

Relay Lenses, Collimator,
Conoscope, Calibration Chart


Over the past 15 years, on behalf of VICO Imaging®, COOLENS® has served over 5600 customers, developed 8500 products, and sold an astonishing 1,500,000 lenses. These remarkable figures solidify its position as leaders in industrial lenses.

Now, we are going globally.


developed products

sold lenses


i-Tek is the No. 1 line scan camera brand in China, with full range of line scan cameras products available.

It is exclusively appointed by world leading semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan for front-end semiconductor and PCB AOI inspection use.

Linescan Camera

Image Capture Card

Large-format Cameras

High-Speed Camera


As a world-class imaging quality test solution provider, Lontry is VICO Imaging®'s exclusive global partner.

Focused on image quality inspection,Lontry's quick at developing and updating our products. We work with big global device companies like Amazon, Mata, Huawei, DJI, and more for a long time.

Relay Lenses



Calibration Chart

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