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Hole Inspection Lenses

EliteFlagship Industrial Lenses Catalog

Vicoimaging's newest catalog features a range of high-performance lenses, including large FOV 90° bi-telecentric lenses, 360° inspection lenses for inside view, 1um ultra-high-resolution AOI lenses, linescan bi-telecentric lenses, and MFA121-U series lenses, etc.,
Unlock limitless possibilities for your automated industrial and optical inspections. Upgrade your machinery with our cutting-edge lenses today!

DTCM series

High-End Industrial Lenses Catalog

With 110 pages Vicoimaging's full catalog, it includes high-precesion bi-telecentric lenses and AOI lenses, up to 150MP resolution, providing incrediably high-quality imaging and accuracy for industries ranging from semiconductors to automotive, medical, metal and 3C manufacturing.

WWK Series

C-Mount Industrial Lenses Catalog

Over 1000+ industrial lenses, known for high cost-efficiency and premium quality, Vicoimaging's c-mount telecentric lenses and fixed focal length lenses are designed for imaging and machine vision applications.

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