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Singapore has become a worldwide manufacturing center. Well, all credit goes to its convenient location, advanced facilities, and laws.

Today, the globe is facing many difficulties. Yet, the electronics sector in this nation is thriving.

As we all know, Singapore unveiled the ‘Manufacturing 2030’ policy in early 2022. This policy aims to expand its industrial sector.

And manufacturing industrial lenses is one sizable industry. Machine vision systems are adaptable to many different manufacturing processes. It can cut down on human labor time. Moreover, it has aided businesses in increasing their efficiency quickly and cheaply.

This vivacity reflects the importance of the lens manufacturing industry to the economy.

This article provides an in-depth overview of Singaporean companies that produce industrial lenses. It will serve as a guide while you search for the best lens supplier for your company.

Let’s start!

AOI Lens Market in Singapore

Let’s face it – many businesses produce AOI lenses in Singapore. Most of them offer services in the value chain, including conceptualization, R&D, production, and delivery. Besides their main businesses, most of these organizations are also leaders in subsectors.

There is a thriving startup ecosystem, an opportunity in the market, and qualified workers. Besides, the nation has a solid foundation for economic growth. This is in addition to an encouraging regulatory and political climate for entrepreneurs.

You now know how the Singaporean market for lenses is developing. Let’s learn more about the country’s top industrial lens supply firms!

11 Best AOI and Industrial Lens Manufacturers and Suppliers in Singapore

You may be aware of how many lens-manufacturing businesses there are in Singapore. You also know how challenging it is to choose the right one. For this reason, we have researched comprehensively and reviewed business profiles. This research helped us identify Singapore’s best lens manufacturing firms.


Precision Optical Systems Singapore


Location TradeHub 21, Singapore
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1990
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Imaging lenses, fixed focal length lenses, telecentric lenses
Other Products Optical components for illumination, laser optics

Precision Optical Systems’ specialty is manufacturing high-quality optical. Additionally, they make top-notch glass products and subassemblies.

This firm has prioritized providing unique and excellent products. All this intends to support clients’ applications across a broad range of lenses. Another forte for Precision Optical System is making precision optics. You can order them based on your designs and requirements.

Also, the firm excels at making bespoke optical components for various uses. It includes vision inspection, evaluation, quality assurance, and research.


Soda Vision


Location TradeHub 21, Singapore
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1990
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Imaging lenses, fixed focal length lenses, telecentric lenses
Other Products Optical components for illumination, laser optics

The management team of Soda Vision, a tech firm, is vibrant and dynamic. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge of Imaging Technologies, Machine & Computer Vision.

It aims to ease the widespread use of computer vision technology by corporations. This enhances product quality and raises living standards. Furthermore, it creates a better planet for future generations.

Soda Vision stands itself from the competition because of its Vision Lab. It uses cutting-edge machine vision technology and components. The firm’s tech support and engineers can assist you with bringing your vision app online.




Location Shenzhen, China
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of Employees More than 200
Main Product Telecentric lenses and Bi-telecentric lenses
Other Products Telecentric illuminators, fixed focal length lenses, relay lenses, line scan lenses, calibration targets, and other optical accessories.

VicoImaging provides a complete selection of bi-telecentric lenses. This helps to meet the demands of various imaging applications. Their Bi-Telecentric Lenses provide exceptional picture quality. Likewise, they offer stable functionality over the zoom range.

Vicoimaging is an industry leader in the production of industrial machine vision lenses. The company was established in 2007 and has its headquarters in China. VICO is a well-known and highly regarded provider and producer of telecentric lenses.

The company has effectively grown its presence in the international market. It is a prominent telecentric technology supplier in China and around the globe. It is an optical lens manufacturer with more than 15 years of expertise in the machine vision sector.

Vico’s optical lenses have high resolution, low distortion, and precise measurement. Furthermore, they interface with many kinds of CCD and C-MOS cameras appropriately.

VicoImaging is proud to have outstanding personnel and expert staff members. As a result, it has contributed to the growth of the organization’s operations. The company achieves it while offering unmatched customer care service.


Vital Vision Technology


Location Paya Lebar, Singapore
Type of Organization Distributor and Consultant
Year Established 2003
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Line Scan Cameras, Machine Vision Lenses
Other Products Machine Vision Lighting, 3D Cameras, SWIR Cameras

Vital Vision Technology excels in machine vision systems and solutions. This organization offers innovative vision solutions to companies. It does so while also being attentive to their budgetary needs for vision solutions.

They have an outstanding group of specialists devoted to providing first-rate sales. The team also offers technical help to service with honesty.

Alongside the industry-standard solutions, the business can also tailor-make optics. Besides, they create illumination, frame grabbers, imaging software libraries, and connections. All these meet the specific requirements of each particular client.


Island Optical Singapore


Location TradeHub 21, Singapore
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 1988
No. of Employees 10-20
Main Product Telecentric Lenses, Lighting
Other Products Filters, Laser Diodes, Goggles

Island Optical Systems delivers cutting-edge and precise solutions to optics and lighting issues. They are experts in Vision and offer a comprehensive product line. It includes lighting and lenses suitable for any purpose.

Moreover, this company can fulfill all your precise optical and lighting requirements. Island Optical Singapore provides various goods. Some include precision optics and machine vision illumination. They also have laser optics, laser protection eyewear, laser shields, and more.


Wavelength Opto-Electronic


Location Skytech Building, Singapore
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2011
No. of Employees 100-200
Main Product Lenses, Imaging Optics, Laser Optics
Other Products Lasers and Detectors

Wavelength Opto-Electronic is the most successful bespoke optics producer in Singapore. The company focuses on the production of exceptional optical components. These come in handy in a variety of different sectors.

Now, to fulfill your needs, the firm designs prototypes. It also manufactures a wide variety of top-notch optical components. They do so by applying cutting-edge technologies and production processes.

Some goods include optical lenses, mirrors, and other optical components. Well, machine vision lenses come in a wide range of focal lengths. So you can choose the ideal lens for your particular applications. It does not matter whether you are doing the inspection, measuring, or sorting duties.

The design lenses for machine vision are impeccable. They can meet the demanding specifications of industrial imaging systems. This firm is a reputable bespoke optics manufacturer. As such, they give their clients excellent customer service and unique solutions.


Edmund Optics Singapore


Location Woodlands, Singapore
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1942
No. of Employees 5000+
Main Product Imaging Lenses, Cameras
Other Products Laser Optics, Illumination Components, Reflecting Foils

Edmund Optic is a prominent provider of precision optics and optical assemblies.

The firm has expertise in designing and producing a diverse range of products. These include multi-element optical lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and optomechanical apparatus. The firm provides customers with discounts, seminars, and materials for training.

It satisfies all your wants and standards thanks to its thorough compliance procedures. This corporation’s production factory and offices are in the United States of America. Still, the company now has a market for industrial optics all over the globe.


Seiwa Optical Singapore


Location Octagon,Singapore
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1964
No. of Employees 200+
Main Product Telecentric lenses, Macro lenses
Other Products Cameras, Optical products, Laser processing equipment

Seiwa Optical is a Japanese firm with its headquarters situated in Tokyo. Moreover, the firm maintains a regional office located in Singapore. What’s more? The firm offers expertise in the production of optical devices. You can get microscopes, telecentric lenses, zoom lenses, and other similar items here.


Linx Singapore


Location 2 Sims Close, Singapore
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2017
No. of Employees 50
Main Product Machine vision lens, line scan cameras
Other Products 3D cameras, SWIR cameras, Illumination

LIXN Singapore has over 27 years of expertise in the distribution industry. It is the most successful and largest Machine Vision distributor. Also, it has operated as a Southeast Asian subsidiary within the LINX group since March 2017.

Linx distributes a wide selection of high-magnification imaging lenses for various applications. This includes those in the medicinal, nanotechnology, semiconductor, and electronic imaging sectors.

Linx Singapore is not only a distributor of components; it also offers other services. They believe in giving the finest value and innovative solutions possible. They do so by staying up to date with the most recent technology breakthroughs.

Also, they develop strong cooperation agreements with their esteemed clients and vendors. To do this, they stay on top of the newest technical advancements.


Voltrium Systems


Location Yishun Industrial Street, Singapore
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2000
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Bi-Telecentric Lenses, Telecentric Lenses
Other Products Cameras, Illumination, Accessories

Voltrium caters to a wide variety of clients’ specific requirements. For this reason, it provides a comprehensive selection of machine vision lenses. These come from several of the industry’s most reputable companies.

This firm provides several kinds of tiny, lightweight, high-resolution, and low-distortion lenses. This aligns with the growing usage of high-resolution CCDs in cameras over the last few years. This is even among cameras used in FA and machine vision markets.

Voltrium Systems adds value to machine vision components as a distributor. Besides, it provides excellent technical help. What’s more – it offers high-quality goods at competitive costs.


Antec Engineering Pte Ltd


Location Pioneer Junction, Singapore
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2018
No. of Employees 20-50
Main Product Industrial Lenses
Other Products Machine Vision accessories, FA cameras,

Antec provides an array of industrial and machine Items. They help to integrate your image applications. The items include vision cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, displays, and software.

Also, customers can get technical counsel and solutions to their lighting here. This company offers services all around the globe via its network.



Where Can You Find High-Quality Industrial Lenses in Singapore?

Businesses in the electronics, e-commerce, and information technology field continue to expand. Some companies in the manufacturing sector have led the charts growth. This country is home to a thriving manufacturing environment. So, businesses manufacturing industrial lenses locate their different facilities here.

Several lens makers in Singapore have created industrial parks for enterprises marketing goods. This intends to support overseas companies. Many of Singapore’s industrial parks take after their economic sector names. You can discover various lens markers at Changi Business Park and International Business Park.

Are Industrial Lenses in Singapore Expensive?

Industrial lenses produced in Singapore are a little costly. Moreover, this nation has rules and regulations that are business-friendly. Yet, raw materials, land leases, and labor prices are expensive.

So, several businesses import products, especially industrial lenses, from China. Popular lens models often have larger discounts available from Chinese lens makers. When you buy lenses in large quantities, you qualify for further discounts.

Who Is the Largest Industrial Lens Manufacturer in Singapore?

Edmund Optics is a significant participant on a worldwide scale. Even so, it enjoys a large presence in Singapore. This organization leads to the supply of industrial lenses in Singapore.

Final Thoughts!

Some of the largest firms in the world have set up their operations in the city-state of Singapore. So this is why the manufacturing sector is integral to Singapore’s economy.

The lens makers in Singapore are available in various dimensions, contours, and emphases. Selecting the appropriate one for your lens design and production demands is essential. It is easy to make the incorrect choice of lens provider. And this might jeopardize your company’s future. You can choose any firm reviewed in the above article to simplify selecting a lens supplier.

So, you need to place your primary emphasis on the services offered by the AOI lens supplier. Moreover, don’t ignore checking the after-sale support provided by the provider.

If you are looking to buy industrial lenses with low-cost and fast dispatch options, go for VicoImaging lenses. You can find a wide range of AOI lenses on the official Vico website.

So, there you have it! Did you enjoy reading this article on the top lens-manufacturing businesses in Singapore?

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