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As we know, the world is moving toward more automation. It implies that there is a worldwide increase in demand for inspection tools and accessories. As a result, there has been an upsurge in orders for American-made industrial lenses.

Now, Several U.S.-based businesses stand out as top-tier providers of industrial lenses. All this is due to their commitment to excellence and groundbreaking research and development. These companies ensure the availability of high-quality lenses for several sectors. It includes automotive, aerospace, electrical, and other related industries.

So, who are the top lens manufacturing companies in the USA? Do they offer high-quality FA lenses and other related products? Let’s check it out!

Industrial Lens Market in the USA

Several recent advancements have occurred in the industrial lens market of the USA. High-definition lenses are now available because of technological advances in production.

As we know, today’s lenses have become versatile and reliable due to the use of cutting-edge materials. The industrial lens industry will benefit greatly from these cutting-edge technologies in the future. Companies in the United States that produce lenses often create high-end products. Additionally, they promote their wares to retailers throughout the country and abroad.

Most factories focus on making standard or bespoke lenses for one specific market alone, while others serve multiple industries. Some companies just operate as consultants to other companies.

10 Best FA and Industrial Lens Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

There are many lens manufacturers at the forefront of American manufacturing. This is in terms of technological advancement, contented employees, and general success. We considered several factors in selecting the businesses shown below. It includes company profiles, quality of their lenses, and consumer bases.

So, let’s get started!


Universe Optics


Location New York, USA
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1979
No. of Employees 10+
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses, Medical and Forensic Lenses, Automotive Lenses
Other Products Filters, Mounts, Accessories

This organization creates optical lenses for use in a wide variety of sectors. For example, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Do you need help with lens assembly, general design requirements, lens selection, and cost concerns? Talk to Universe Optics; they can help with it all!

Also, the company can help you save money on your project. They do this by providing a wide variety of conventional lens assemblies and parts. Besides, they provide value-added services to modify components and create unique designs. Their New York warehouse has over a thousand unique lens options.


Kowa American Corporation


Location California, USA
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1894
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product Machine Vision, Industrial Lenses, CCTV Lenses
Other Products Sporting Optics, Opthalmic Diagnostic Equipment

Kowa manufactures a broad range of lenses for many different markets. They include the medical, industrial, and environmental protection sectors. This business is among the industry’s top providers of high-quality lenses for use. Most are used in CCTV, machine vision, filmmaking, aerospace, and robotics.

They have a wide selection of lenses that can take sharp pictures in low light. Sometimes, a client’s project requires a lens that goes beyond what Kowa American offers. In this case, their staff can help arrange it.




Location Shenzhen, China
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of Employees More than 200
Main Product Telecentric lenses and Bi-telecentric lenses
Other Products Telecentric illuminators, fixed focal length lenses, relay lenses, line scan lenses, calibration targets, and other optical accessories

VicoImaging offers a wide variety of industrial lenses. You can get high-precision bi-telecentric lenses and FA lenses here. Furthermore, they have c-mount telecentric lenses and a Fixed Focal Length Lens. Now that you have access to a wide variety of options, picking the right lens for your project will only be the remaining task.

This company offers top-notch customization services. Moreover, they carefully think about resolution, focal length, aperture, and sensor size. So, you can find the ideal lens for your specific purposes.

Not sure whether you want to switch your FA lens production over to VicoImaging yet? Sure, every company has its own set of requirements and goals.

You can contact VicoImaging anytime once you decide to produce lenses for your applications. This company guarantees their goods’ quality and expedites their distribution.


Edmund Optics


Location New Jersey, US
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1942
No. of Employees 5000+
Main Product Optics and Optical Components, Imaging and Machine Vision
Other Products Laser optics, cameras, accessories

When it comes to precision optics and optical components, Edmund Optics is the plug. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of quality optical components and subassemblies. Also, the firm specializes in photonics and imaging. Besides, it provides lenses for various imaging applications.

Remember, there are a variety of imaging lenses on the market that provide results. Normally, these are impossible to get with a regular camera lens. This is where Edmund Optics comes in! The firm produces a broad range of lens assemblies to help you out. These include telecentric lenses, micro-video lenses, and fixed focal length lenses.

Whether you need standard or specialty lenses, talk to Edmund Optics! They have engineers that can make anything from scratch based on your specifications.


Theia Technologies


Location Oregon, US
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of Employees 2-10
Main Product Machine vision, optics, lenses
Other Products Custom optics design, consumer electronics

This business offers megapixel lenses with great performance. You can use their lenses for surveillance, machine vision, and television broadcasting.

This company has merged the Japanese optical knowledge with American ingenuity. Their product applications include machine vision, intelligent transportation, and security. Also, the company’s global network of distribution partners distributes the lenses both locally and internationally.


Tamron USA


Location New York, US
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1979
No. of Employees 51-200
Main Product FA lenses, automotive lenses
Other Products photographic lenses, medical device optics, thermal lenses

The wide variety of Tamron fixed-focal lenses is suited for different uses. Some include machine vision, industrial automation, and surveillance systems. They oversee all the manufacturing processes from the initial concept to the final mechanical simulation. It provides them with complete oversight over the quality of their lenses. This company creates a lens with exceptional precision.

The firm utilizes highly sophisticated lens design and molding technology. This way, it can produce products with a high level of consistency and quality.


Phoenix Imaging


Location Michigan, US
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 1985
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Machine vision, industrial lenses
Other Products Vision sensors, industrial LED lighting products

Are you looking for industrial lenses from a wide variety of well-known manufacturers? Well, this company has access to various manufacturers of specialized lenses.

Phoenix Imaging offers machine vision integration services. These are available to new and pre-existing automated inspection systems and production lines. Machine vision applications have unique requirements for optics. So Phoenix Imaging produces lenses that meet those needs. Because of the even field and great resolution, their lenses are ideal for many applications.

This company provides a wide range of lenses for your machine vision application. They have it all if you need lighting, cameras, lenses, cables, and a tiny vision sensor. You can also get a large megapixel image processing system.


Vision System Technology


Location California, US
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2010
No. of Employees 10-50
Main Product Industrial lenses, machine vision
Other Products Industrial camera cables, ultra high-speed machine vision cameras

This business offers its clients cutting-edge machine vision equipment. You can also get the expert technical, sales and marketing help you want for your project from VST. The organization concentrates on consumer needs and suggests suitable lenses. Many clients recognize and appreciate the novel nature of this consultative sales strategy.


Optec America


Location California, US
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2017
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product SWIR lenses, Optical Design
Other Products IR and Laser products, multichannel cameras

Optec’s superiority is in its openness and transparency about the client’s needs. This company usually writes down your specifications and brings the desired product into reality.

In order to test the product, the corporation creates a prototype in Italy and sends it to the United States. They go to the customer’s location to oversee and complete the installation process. They also address any technical concerns that may arise.


Get Cameras


Location Philadelphia, US
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2016
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product Industrial cameras, Industrial Lenses, Vision lenses
Other Products Lighting products, cable and accessories

In general, Get Cameras offers the cameras and optical technologies of Daheng Imaging. Here you can get cameras, lenses, and lights for machine vision. Frankly, this business has made a name for itself in the machine vision sector. GeT Cameras has the market’s best pricing because of their innovative business style.




Where Can You Get High-Quality Industrial Lenses in the USA?

Unsure of where to begin? Well, there are several marketplaces where you can purchase industrial lenses. However, we advise checking the aforementioned list for further supplier business information. New Jersey and California are home to a number of excellent lens manufacturers and distributors. Before making a purchase, be careful to confirm the delivery options and charges.


Are Industrial Lenses Made in the USA Expensive?

The answer most likely lies with the manufacturer of the industrial lens. American-made lenses may be more costly. Raw material, labor, packing, and shipping have a role in determining a product’s price. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can try to get FA lenses from a different place.


How to Approach Industrial Lens Manufacturers in the USA?

Getting in touch with American manufacturers of industrial lenses is pretty easy. You can select the manufacturers and visit their websites. It probably has a contact email or forms you may use to get in touch with them. Some manufacturers also list their products on different online marketplaces.

Who Is the Largest Industrial Lens Supplier in the USA?

For this, we must look at the company’s overall production capacity, technical advancement, and distribution network. As you can see, Edmund Optics and Kowa are two of the most prominent American suppliers of industrial lenses.


Final Thoughts!

You can get a vast variety of high-quality lenses from these top 10 industrial lens manufacturers in the USA. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a trustworthy resource for all your lens needs. These producers of industrial lenses have made a name for themselves.

Some companies put a lot of money into R&D so that their lens manufacturing technology is always cutting edge. These companies have a history of producing high-quality FA lenses. Besides, they produce specialty industrial lenses that adhere to all applicable regulations.

Choose to work with one of these reputable manufacturers! You can be certain that the lenses you purchase will be of the highest quality. Additionally, they will serve to improve your manufacturing procedures.

Many businesses now outsource their FA lens production needs. It means they just describe their specifications and budget, and the manufacturing company creates a product based on those factors. So, look for a manufacturer that specializes in making your product. Also, ensure they have a proven track record of success.

You can also think about using VicoImaging’s service if you have an urgent requirement. Rest assured, you will get everything done quickly, from the design board to the production line. We have a unique approach to producing industrial lenses that are both affordable and efficient.

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