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When it comes to lens manufacturing companies in Asia, South Korea is the next name that strikes our mind after China. Even though the leading industries in South Korea include electronics, heavy equipment, automobiles, materials, and buildings, the industrial prospect of this country is changing now. It is due to business rivalry with other Asian nations and rising global needs. And the South Korean lens-manufacturing sector is not an exception.

The lens manufacturing industry is facing both obstacles and possibilities today. However, South Korea is revolutionizing things to keep up with global competition. This nation is making fresh reinventions and adopting new innovative technology.

In this article, you will get to see the general profile of top lens manufacturing companies in South Korea. You will also learn more about the opportunities and threats lying in front of this unique industry.

Let’s start!

AOI Lens Market in Korea

South Korea has a lot of potential as a manufacturing hub, especially in the industrial lens field. It is one of the world’s leading exporters with the fourth biggest economy in Asia. Besides, this country excels in manufacturing. This nation is actively adopting the Fourth Industrial Revolution and promoting growth in the manufacturing sector. That ensures its continued prominence in the global manufacturing sector.

In short, South Korea’s manufacturing sector has a bright future. Large corporations that produce industrial lenses now have their sales and distribution offices in this county.

10 Best AOI and Industrial Lens Manufacturers and Suppliers in Korea

Korea is a potential business hub for AOI manufacturers. The list below includes the firms that make and supply AOI lenses in South Korea.




Location Seoul, South Korea
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2003
No. of Employees 51-200
Main Product Cameras, Industrial Lenses
Other Products Autofocus systems, Frame grabbers, peripheral devices

This business offers turnkey services for machine vision in Korea. It has systematic procedures built in for locating the top imaging options. The company offers a vast selection of equipment and accessories. That includes high-precision measurement instruments that can capture pictures at the submicroscopic level. They also offer lens selection consultancy services to customers.

Envision also assists clients in choosing the best system parts and solutions. You can contact this company if you are looking for imaging and machine vision solutions. They have the best top-notch visual inspection systems.

The company provides quality goods to the market. More so, this company dedicates itself to assisting clients in the productive growth of their systems.




Location 경기도 광명시 하안로 60, E905 호 ( 광명 SK 테크노파크
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2008
No. of Employees More than 200
Main Product Telecentric lenses and Bi-telecentric lenses, FA Lens
Other Products Telecentric illuminators, industrial lenses, fixed focal length lenses, test targets, calibration targets, line scan lenses, and other essential accessories.

Vico has produced optical lenses for the machine vision sector for nearly 15 years. Most importantly, they focus on machine vision, computer vision, and digital imaging. This company has a well-established sales office in South Korea. Their team can visit the customer’s place for onsite services and help set up the lighting requirements for the lenses.

They have a well-trained staff with industry-rich experience. They work hard to produce and provide the best vision goods at excellent possible prices. Additionally, this company actively participates in several world’s largest machine vision exhibitions. You can find them in each year’s Korea Machine Vision show. In short, you can expect professional services from VicoImaging.


HanKwang Opto


Location Incheon, South Korea
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1976
No. of Employees 500
Main Product Automotive lenses, megapixel lenses
Other Products Medical Lenses, FA lenses

The consumer services sector is where Han Kwang Opto makes its business. Over the years, the company has strived to produce high-quality optical lenses. Their products are suitable for security cameras, cars, hospitals, and other industries.

This company aims to build its future on technological prowess and innovation. What’s more, their lead-time for developing new products is 90%. So, you can expect a quick turnaround and timely completion of your lenses.


Samyang Optics


Location Changwon, South Korea
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1972
No. of Employees 100
Main Product Machine vision
Other Products Accessories and industrial solutions

Samyang Optics uses advanced equipment in production. They conduct studies, design lenses, produce them, and plan new products. The machine vision system is a new frontier for this firm. In addition, this company has experienced staff members who are responsive to their clientele. They strive to improve their products and services to provide complete customer satisfaction.


Pro Optics


Location Geounggi-do, South Korea
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2000
No. of Employees Up to 100
Main Product Industrial lenses
Other Products Assembly Machines, Auto Collimator

Pro optics has come a long way since its beginning in 2000. Their mission is to serve consumers with premium lenses at competitive market prices. Their products stand for quality when it comes to industrial lenses. They provide a variety of lenses to meet the demands of various businesses.




Location Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 1999
No. of Employees 200-500
Main Product Industrial lenses, Industrial cameras
Other Products Area Scan Camera, Line Scan Camera, Accessories

Vieworks stands out as a leading provider of imaging solutions worldwide. This firm uses cutting-edge optical design technologies to manufacture industrial cameras and lenses.

Vieworks is highly experienced in imaging technology for a wide range of applications. They provide machine vision solutions for various industries. The company uses the experience it accumulated over the last two decades in the industry.

With the help of their bright, enthusiastic, and decent workforce, this firm is at the forefront of technological advancements in the imaging industry.


SPO Incl.


Location Sejong, South Korea
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2005
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Telecentric lens, non-telecentric lens, LED illumination
Other Products OEM products, Optical modules

SPO Inc. is a company that manufactures machine vision optics. Their lenses and other products are used in many different industries. That includes flat panel displays, surface mount technology, semiconductors, and automobiles.

It is good to note that Industrial fields rely heavily on optics. They use them for systems like machine vision and precision metrology. SPO Inc. has expertise in each of these fields.

This company has a history of producing high-resolution telecentric lenses. Also, they make other specialized optical modules designed according to each client’s specifications.


JDi Vision


Location Seoul, South Korea
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2009
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses and Cameras
Other Products Vision Frame Grabber

JDi Visions supplies industrial lenses and other goods to businesses across the country. Today, the company uses a professional marketing force to deliver its products to customers.

They also make use of their strategic alliances and distributor. JDi Vision has become an industry powerhouse. Moreover, this company is quick at fulfilling orders due to its innovative service-based distribution model. They use a unique model to distribute industrial lenses, smart cameras, and related hardware.


Fainstec CO., Ltd.


Location Seoul, South Korea
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2009
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses and Cameras
Other Products Vision Frame Grabber

Finestech uses over a decade of expertise to offer effective machine vision solutions. This company has expertise in serving different industries, including secondary batteries, semiconductors, displays, and smart factories.

This company forms strategic alliances with other businesses. It offers high-quality products used in the machine vision industry, including cameras, lenses, illumination, and frame grabber. Through alliances, the firm revitalizes as a market leader. In short, this company addresses the needs of its clientele and offers suitable solutions.


Lees Optical System Inc.


Location Seoul, South Korea
Type of Organization Distributor
Year Established 2009
No. of Employees 11-50
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses and Cameras
Other Products Vision Frame Grabber

Lees Optical System aims to improve the quality of domestic products, especially optical systems. They design and produce telecentric lenses and optical modules. The company wants to make its products widely available.

This firm innovates and improves its goods and services to keep customers happy. At this time, the firm produces products based on existing technology to ensure its continued growth. But, they invest in R&D for developing better vision and laser solutions.



What Types of Industrial Lenses Do You Find in Korea?

South Korea is a great place to look for telecentric and other industrial lenses. The majority of companies listed above can help you get the best quality lenses for your applications. However, you may need to check the type of lenses and their specifications.

Do Korean Manufacturers Allow Lens Customization?

Not all Korean lens makers offer customization services due to various reasons. VicoImaging, SPO Incl. and Fainstec CO., Ltd. are the only firms providing this service. For more, you can search for manufacturers in other countries.

Notably, some reputed Chinese manufacturers provide lens customization services at affordable pricing.

Where Can You Find High-Quality Industrial Lens Manufacturers in Korea?

You can find manufacturers of industrial lenses all across South Korea. But the provinces of Geounggi-do and Chungcheongbuk-do are good places to start your search.

Who Is the Largest Industrial Lens Supplier in Korea?

In South Korea, several businesses have long histories of success. They enjoy simplified production procedures, a professional team, and an extensive distribution network. However, we will make the assessment based on the supplier’s capacity to produce lenses. With this criterion, it seems like HanKwang Opto and Lees Optical System Inc. are the two major AOI lens vendors on the above list.

Besides, VicoImaging also seems like a viable option if you are looking for lens customization services. This company has sales offices in South Korea. They can also produce lenses in their Chinese factories and ship them to Korea in 3-5 days.

Final Thoughts!

Here it completes our list of the top 10 Korean AOI lens manufacturers and suppliers. All these companies have the skills and technology to serve consumers worldwide. This country has a business-friendly environment for producing high-end lenses, thanks to the highly educated professionals available at this place. Besides, first-rate infrastructure, cutting-edge R&D, and convenient locations also attribute to their success.

The firms mentioned above continuously make innovations in the field of industrial lenses. These Korean firms can handle any lens production job. No matter how straightforward or intricate.

However, you should look further if you need affordable, high-quality industrial lenses at the best prices. You can check other options to fulfill your lens customization needs. And VicoImaging emerges as the best option when it comes to lens customization. This company has broad expertise, sales offices, and a widespread distribution network in the South Korean AOI lens manufacturing market.

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