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Numerous Japanese companies produce lenses and other optical accessories, demonstrating the country’s robust manufacturing economy.

While the price of cameras has steadily declined over the years, industrial lenses have continually gained value and are now competitive with any other market. Thus, many non-OEM producers have become more prevalent in Japan.

Most Japanese factories focus on creating customized goods in specific markets. Some companies focus only on outsourcing their manufacturing processes to others, offering their clients anything from ready-made products to custom-designed components.

What does the entry of Japanese firms into the lens industry indicate, and who are they? Can you find a reliable lens supplier in Japan?

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best Japanese lens manufacturers. This comprehensive list of companies will help you choose the right AOI lens supplier in Japan.

Japan’s AOI Lens Industry

Japan still maintains a sizable industrial base even though the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP has shrunk in recent decades. About 20% of GDP in FY 2019-2020 came from manufacturing. Japanese manufacturers of industrial lenses have contributed significantly to this figure.

Japan has many lens manufacturing companies, including Myutron, Miruc Optical, Computar, etc. These companies contribute to the developments and innovations occurring in the industrial lens market.

Many Japanese factories have sizable operations in Southeast Asian nations like Thailand. Also, when it comes to equipment and automobile production, Japan is among the world’s top countries.

Japan’s manufacturing sector needs robust industrial support to strengthen its status as a supply base further. Moreover, the country also needs more demand from developing nations to grow output.

Top 10 AOI Lens and Industrial Lens Companies in Japan

Lens manufacturing companies in Japan offer different products. Some companies specialize in making industrial lenses, while others produce high-quality accessories used in the machine vision industry.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Japanese lens manufacturers with the greatest products and services.


Myutron Inc.


Location Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2001
No. of Employees 20-50
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses
Other Products Security lenses, illumination equipment, accessories

Myutron produces high-quality line scan lenses for LCD, film, and printing inspection. The company also specializes in making fixed focal length lenses with low distortion, making them a popular choice among worldwide companies.

This company closely follows industry developments and develops cutting-edge products in machine vision and broadcasting.

Are you looking for AOI lenses for machine vision applications? You can give Myutron’s lenses a try!




Location Shenzhen, China
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of Employees More than 200
Main Product Telecentric lenses and Bi-telecentric lenses
Other Products Telecentric illuminators, fixed focal length lenses, relay lenses, line scan lenses, calibration targets, and other optical accessories.

VicoImaging is a leading global provider of telecentric lenses. This company has established its network in Japan and other countries in Asia. Vico has been making optical lenses and many other accessories for more than 15 years.

The company has a solid reputation for its AOI lenses featuring excellent resolution, low distortion, and precise measurement abilities when used in conjunction with various CCD and C-MOS cameras.

Moreover, its engineers will assist you in properly installing and setting up your machine vision devices, including bi-telecentric lenses. This company has English-speaking staff to address your queries.

One of the most well-known lens brands, Coolens, is the exclusive global partner of the company’s lenses. VicoImaging‘s unique designs and expert production staff allow it to create some of the industry’s finest lenses.

VicoImaging stands out among these companies due to its extensive international reach and commitment to delivering future-proof products and services.

Above all, you will get super fast delivery of AOI lenses across the globe. No catalog description can ever do justice to the exceptional quality of Vico lenses. So it’s better to directly contact the sales team at VicoImaging and discuss your order details.


Miruc Optical


Location Tokyo, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1963
No. of Employees 20-50
Main Product Dovetail, TV Macro Lens, Telecentric Lens
Other Products Measure Scope (Microscope), Lens barrel optics, Sliding holders, and accessories

Miruc only sells its own Japanese-made precision and optical equipment. This company prides itself on the quality, accuracy, and longevity of its goods.

Their products reflect the exquisite craftsmanship as shown on their website, representing Japan’s speciality.

The company manufactures all products in Japan to give customers high-quality, long-lasting products. Thus, their products often exemplify Miruc’s cutting-edge technology, innovative concepts, and expert craftsmanship.

Miruc is unwavering in its commitment to Made in Japan production. For further convenience, Miruc will work with top-tier manufacturers in other countries to reap synergy benefits.

At Miruc, you will get cutting-edge AI-powered solutions and applications with broad applicability. You can also contact Miruc to talk about OEM supply.




Location Tokyo, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1974
No. of Employees 500+
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses, including Fix Focal Lenses, Macro Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, S-Mount Lenses, etc.
Other Products Security lenses, electronics components & device

Computar acts as a Catalyst of Optics, bringing together unique perspectives and innovative technologies from many sectors. It helps this company create discoveries that go beyond national and industrial boundaries.

Computar is a market-leading manufacturer of industrial lenses. This company develops products that are far superior to those of its competitors. Computar has developed a unique system that combines production scheduling, product layout, and design elements.

The company offers a broad selection of lenses for a broad range of needs. The development of optics in areas such as analog/digital, security, and machine vision has directly contributed to Computar‘s ground-breaking discoveries.

Their distinctive, best-selling macro and telecentric lenses set them apart from others.


VS Technology Machine Vision Optics


Location Tokyo, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1997
No. of Employees 100+
Main Product Machine Vision Lenses, Telecentric lenses
Other Products Tube lens for microscopes, Accessories, Zoom Lenses, Fixed Focal Length lenses, Surveillance Lenses, etc.

VS Technology creates Telecentric, Macro, Line scan, CCTV, and Zoom lenses for machine vision, all with the goal of satisfying buyer demands. This company also specializes in making CCTV and zoom lenses for detection and security.

To better serve buyers, VS Technology has been creating lenses from the ground up. The company has built its own inspection system, which covers design verification, approval of raw materials for production, and product shipping. With this, VS Technology fulfills the quality standards of its lenses.

VS Technology has several factories in Japan and beyond. But the company carefully maintains Japanese standards of quality for its goods.

This company has warehouses in Japan and other countries for shipping. Moreover, the company also keeps inventory in different sales locations.


Optart Co., Ltd.


Location Tokyo, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1987
No. of Employees 20-50
Main Product Telecentric lenses
Other Products Zoom lens, macro lens, CCTV lens, optical parts and accessories

Opto Engineering is basically an Italian company that produces optical lenses. However, the company has its main office in Tokyo.

In Japan, Optoart is the only authorized distributor of Opto Engineering company’s products. This company produces everything from high-tech camera lenses to more affordable all-purpose lenses.

Optoart also manufactures and sells telecentric lenses. The company handles all major lens manufacturing operations, from product concept to outcome.

Optoart’s lenses, such as telecentric, macro, and CCTV lenses, are well-suited for use in machine vision and related applications.

The company also offers a separate catalog with each lens model, which includes the necessary engineering drawings.


 Moritex Corporation


Location Kanagawa, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1973
No. of Employees 150
Main Product Telecentric lenses, Bi-telecentric lenses, FA lenses
Other Products LED Illumination, Light Sources and Fiber Optic Light Guides

When it comes to lenses, illuminations, light sources, and fiber optic light compasses, Moritex is the place to go.

Moritex‘s powerful machine vision lenses benefit from the company’s advanced optical design knowledge. Their lenses provide reliable image quality for machine vision systems. Companies can use their lenses in production lines’ assembly and inspection departments.

Their telecentric lenses are helpful in different machine vision applications. It also includes the semiconductor, FPD, and other electronics production industries,

Their lenses allow for high resolution, high contrast, and low distortion imaging with additional integrated coaxial lighting.


Goyo Optical


Location Saitama, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1976
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Industrial Lenses, CCTV Lenses
Other Products Megapixel Lenses, Line Sensor Lenses, TVMacro Lenses, Projection Lenses, 3CCD Lenses

Founded in 1976, Goyo Optical Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lenses for Machine Vision and CCTV applications.

The quality and consistency of the company’s work, as well as the motivation of its staff, are something this company shares with buyers.

This company aims to provide thorough assistance covering routine and emergency maintenance and fixes.

Apart from industrial lenses, Goyo Optical also offers a range of lenses used in different industries. It includes CCTV lenses, projection lenses, line sensor lenses, etc.


Kenko Tokina


Location Tokyo, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1950
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Tele Zoom Camera, Autofocus Zoom Lenses, Machine Vision Lenses
Other Products Filters, Integrated Systems, Accessories

Kenko Tokina is one of the leading manufacturers of optics and optical filters. It is a full-service optical company. Here you can get machine vision lenses, filters, and a wide variety of other optical accessories.

The company has decades of experience developing and producing high-quality lenses and other products.

By using this knowledge, this company has already introduced its own unique innovations into the manufacturing sector. It allows Kenko Tokina to provide superior-quality optical products at competitive prices.

Like the ‘eyes’ of the machine, their machine vision lenses aid industries by fostering the rapid automation of essential operations.


Kowa Optronics


Location Aichi, Japan
Type of Organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1968
No. of Employees 50-100
Main Product Automation Machinery
Other Products Vision lenses, security lenses, optical accessories

Kowa Optronics, a lens-maker company based in Japan, has a proven track record of selling lenses to over 2,300 businesses worldwide. This company is a part of the 120-year-old Kowa Group.

For the past years, Kowa Optronics has supplied cutting-edge optical goods to customers in Japan and beyond.

This company has been in the optical business for almost 70 years. Currently, they have more than 140 different varieties of lenses specifically designed for use in manufacturing.


FAQs of Industrial Lens Manufacturers in Japan:


How to Order Industrial Lenses from Japan?

Find a reliable lens manufacturer first, then get a financial institution that can set you up with a foreign currency account. One of the most reliable of these services is Wise.

In Wise, you will get a digital wallet to hold different currencies. You may deposit money, have it converted to Japanese yen, and then use the account’s debit card to buy things from Japan.


What Challenges Do You Encounter When Buying Industrial Lenses from Japan?

Buying from Japan is simpler than ever, but there are still some additional steps to take.

Many Japanese businesses don’t provide international shipping. If they do, you will have to pay more for shipping.

Moreover, many Japanese firms do not accept foreign credit cards. Because of this, the buying process may become complicated.

Likewise, many companies have their websites available only in Japanese. So if you don’t understand or read Japanese, you could have trouble finding the things you’re looking for. Even with the aid of Google Translate, finding your way through these websites is a major challenge if you don’t speak the language.

Thus, it’s better to contact a lens manufacturer that allows hassle-free shipping. The manufacturer must have a skilled English-speaking staff.


Do Japanese Manufacturers Offer Discounts on Industrial Lenses?

Pricing discounts, especially on electronics, are nothing new in Japan.

Japanese companies finalize their account books on March 31st, whereas Western companies do so on December 31st. Thus, Japanese manufacturers often keep their stock on sale and discounts in March to meet their yearly sales goals.

So, you can grab better deals on lenses and related products during this year-end sale. You can also reach individual lens manufacturers and get wholesale discounted lens quotations.


How Is the Quality of Industrial Lenses Made in Japan?

The Japanese manufacturing industry is known for its unwavering pursuit of quality in all aspects of the manufacturing process. Also, Japanese manufacturing methods seek to minimize waste and maximize efficiency by having experts double-check their work and seek ways to improve it.

As a result, Japanese companies have a stellar reputation for consistently meeting delivery deadlines while maintaining product quality. They pay close attention to the aesthetics of a product, including its packaging and wrapping, as well as its quality, safety, design, and originality.

However, delivery issues and high prices still have a negative impact on sales.


Do You Get Lens Customization Service from Japanese Manufacturers?

Japanese companies are well known for their significant innovations and quality. However, they rarely offer ‘made only for you’ products and services.

You can reach individual lens manufacturers and ask about the lens customization service.


Final Thoughts!

As you can see, Japanese companies develop and produce various cutting-edge electronic goods and technology. The companies mentioned in this list represent the most established and prosperous options for sourcing industrial lenses from Japan.

Industrial lenses made in Japan are among the best. But they might be expensive due to their superior quality, design, functionality, and other factors.

Do you want to source AOI lenses at affordable prices? Then, you must spend time picking the right manufacturer.

First, ensure the supplier you choose to work with has enough experience in the lens industry. The AOI lens supplier must have a proven record of manufacturing different types of lenses, including fixed focal length lenses, FA lenses, etc.

With this, you can source superior-quality lenses from the right lens manufacturer.

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