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As an indispensable tool in this era, mobile phones are being updated and iteratively accelerated, smarter and more demanding, and the requirements for precision testing in the production process are becoming stricter. At this time, machine vision has played a very important role. When a mobile phone is produced, many places have to undergo rigorous testing, some parts need to be accurately measured in size, and the parts must be accurately aligned.

Due to the design of the parallel optical path, the telecentric lens has the characteristics of high precision, large depth of field, and almost zero distortion in the measurement, and is widely favored in mobile phone detection applications. Vision Technology’s telecentric lens also played its own role.

The ultra-large field of view bi-telecentric lens has good uniformity in the center of the field of view and around it and has extremely low distortion imaging, which is very suitable for high-precision workpiece appearance inspection and size measurement.

Detection object:

Smartphone glass screen inspection and measurement

Testing requirements:

  • Size measurement
  • Matching 29MP (full frame 44mm) large area scan camera
  • See the whole screen at once
  • High precision

Solution: DTCM35FH-80H-M58-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + external coaxial light source + 29M full-frame 44mm camera

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