Plug and Play FA Lenses, Perfect Your Robotic Arms

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As automation in production keeps growing, robotic arms are becoming essential for tasks like recognition, alignment, defect detection, and measurement. And guess what? Industrial lenses are like the eyes of these amazing machines, helping them see and perform their tasks flawlessly.

Now, we all know that FA lenses are the most popular choice for robotic arms. They have a wide field of view, can handle different reflections, and are super flexible. But there’s a small issue – the vibrations of the robotic arm can sometimes loosen the screws in the lenses. Not ideal, right?

VICO Imaging Plug and Play FA Lenses. Fetured with anti-vibration, easy installation, excellent optics, and compact size.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Introducing our game-changing WWT series lens from VICO. It’s designed to eliminate those annoying screw loosening problems, and it offers the best optical features just like telecentric lenses. Plus, it’s so easy to install and use!

Imagine having a lens that combines the benefits of both FA and telecentric lenses – that’s what our WWT series offers. It’s compact, perfect for robotic arm integration, and guarantees top-notch visual performance.

Ready to take your robotic arm applications to the next level? Contact our sales team today for more info or to request a demo.

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