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The low magnification and large field of view bi-telecentric lens has good uniformity in the center of the field of view and around it and has extremely low distortion imaging, which is very suitable for high-precision workpiece appearance inspection and size measurement.

Detection object:

Auto parts inspection

Testing requirements:

  • Whether the pins are crooked
  • Hole measurement on parts
  • Large field of view 145*100mm
  • High precision

Difficulties in detection:

  • It requires a large field of view and the resolution from the center to the edges of the field of view has to be highly uniform.
  • At the same time for measurement, the distortion needs to be extremely low.
  • Larger depth of field

Solution: DTCM230-190H-AL (DTCM series double telecentric lens) + surface light + 2/3″ 5M camera

Measured renderings:

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