M12 X-Coded 8 Pin Male to RJ45 GigE vision Cat5E High Flex Ethernet Cable | For Machine Vision

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Connector A: M12 8P Male X Coded. Connector B: RJ45 Straight
Cable Type: High Flex (Cable is drag chain tested to 20 million cycles at 9xd cable OD.)
Shielded: Double shielded braid + foil design for maximum protection from EMI/RFI.
Flame Retardant Grade: VW-1
Colour: Opal Green (Similar to RAL 6026)

These cables can be used in demanding applications.
They are ensure network throughput in harsh industrial environments.

• M12 X-coded 8pole plug Waterproof to RJ45 plug. 26AWG Cat5E cable.
• Features: abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant, torsion- resistant, heat-resistant.
• High flexible, drag chain test 20KK cycles.
• 99% shielded, reliable signal transmission, 360 degree omni-directional Shielding in EMI Environment.
• For industrial machinery, Basler Sony Cognex CCD cameras, Matrix Vision Camera, Triton camera models, Networks, Ethernet, Power.

Application: Industrial Machine / EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP / Factory Automation
Delivery Time: 4-10 working days
Payment Terms: online or T/T

Connector Specification

Bill Of Materials Wiring Diagram
Item Description QTY Specification
Wire 1 4PX26AWG RoHS LF Opal Green
RJ45 Connector 1 8P8C Cat5E
Connector 1 M12 8P Male X Coded
Inner Mold 1 PE(J5019)
Outer Mold 1 PVC-Opal Green(Similar to RAL 6026)
Copper Foil 1 6mmx18μm

Drawing Pair Twist Insulator Colour
Pair Twist Insulator Colour 1 Insulator Colour 2
1 Blue Blue / White
2 Orange Orange / White
3 Green Green / White
4 Brown Brown / White
Blue / White: White line is injected on the blue insulator and occupys 20-25% of the dimension. The same for others.

Model NO. OLA-T-CCB-84901-2001-XM CABLE Printing Ethernet, 4PX26AWG, 80°C, 30V, VW-1, LF
Style 4PX26AWG RoHS LF Opal Green Size 4PX26AWG
Approbation UL20276 AWM 80°C 30V Flame Retardant Grade VW-1
Conductor Size 26AWG/4P Shielded Al/Pet 0.05*20mm
Cond. Material Bare Copper BC Braid 0.1TC
Construction 30/0.08 BC Covered 99% Min
Diameter 0.51mm Jacketed Material PVC
Tolern ±0.003mm Avg.Thick. 0.765mm
Insulation Material HDPE Min.Thick. 0.723mm
Avg.Thick. 0.207mm Diameter ø6.5±0.2mm
Min.Thick. 0.184mm Colour Black (Similar to RAL 9005)
Diameter 0.97±0.05mm Electrical Properties Conductor Resistance ≤124 Ω/km 20°C
Colour (Bule*Bule/White) Test Voltage 500V/1min
(Orange*Orange/White) Insulating Resistance > 10 MΩ/km 20°C
(Green*Green/White) Characteristic Impedance 100±15Ω
(Brown*Brown/White) Wokring Tempearture Fixed Installation -20°C ~ 80°C
Pair Twist Pair Twist 1P*26AWG Moved Installation -5°C ~ 50°C
Diameter 1.94mm Minimal Bending Radius Fixed Installation 5 X Cable-ø
26AWG/4P Moved Installation 8.5 X Cable-ø
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