Hirose 12 Pin Female to Open I/O Power High Flex Cable | For Machine Vision

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Connector A: HR10A-10P-12S, (Female, 12Pin), Connector B: Open End
Cable Type: High Flex Shielded: Double
Shielded braid + foil design for maximum protection from EMI/RFI.
Flame Retardant Grade: VW-1
Colour: Black (Similar to Ral 9005)
Application: Power drag chains environments
Delivery Time: 4-10 working days
Payment Terms: Online or T/T

These cables can be used in demanding applications.
They are ensure network throughput in harsh industrial environments.

• This is an extension cable for industrial camera power supply I/O trigger and data transmit.
• Hirose 12 pin female connector to open end, make DIY connections according to your needs.
• Features: abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant, torsion- resistant, heat-resistant.
• High flexible, drag chain.
• Basler racer GigE and runner cameras, Sony industrial CCD camera, Allied Vision cameras and more industrial Machine Vision cameras with Hirose 12 pin Male Connector.

Connector Specification
Bill Of Materials Wiring Diagram Location of Pins
Item Description QTY Specification PIC Pin Clour
Wire 1 6Px26AWG RoHS LF BLACK 1 Green
2 Grey
3 White
Connector 1 HR10A-10P-12S 4 Pink
5 Purple
Shrinkable Tube 1 ø8.0 6 Black
7 Red/Pink
Shrinkable Tube 1 ø2.0 8 Red
9 Blue
Label 1 Wiring Diagram 10 Red/Blue
11 Brown
12 Yellow
Drawing Pair Twist Insulator Colour
Pair Twist Insulator Colour
1 White
2 Pink
3 Black
4 Red
5 Blue
6 Brown
* Red/Pink: Red line is injected on the pink insulator and occupys 20-25% of the dimension. The same for others.
Model NO. OLA-ANA-1-X-3M CABLE Printing TPL-T1-SB 6Px26AWG RoSH LF
Style 6Px26AWG RoHS LF BLACK Size 6Px26AWG
Approbation UL20276 Flame Retardant Grade VW-1
Conductor Size 6Px26AWG Pair Twist Pair Twist 0.05*20mm
Cond. Material Bare Copper BC Diameter 1.9mm
Construction 30/0.08 BC Shielded Al/Pet 0.05mm
Diameter 0.51mm Braid 0.1TC
Tolern ±0.003mm Covered 85% Min
Insulation Material PVC Jacketed Material PVC
Diameter 0.95±0.05mm Diameter ø7.2±0.3mm
Colour Green, Grey, Colour Black (Similar to RAL 9005)
White, Pink, Wokring Tempearture Fixed Installation -20°C ~ 80°C
Purple, Black, Moved Installation -10°C ~ 50°C
Red/Pink, Red, Minimal Bending Radius Fixed Installation 4 X Cable-ø
Blue, Red/Blue, Moved Installation 8 X Cable-ø
Brown, Yellow Electrical Properties Conductor Resistance ≤124 Ω/km 20°C
Assembly Standed 8CX28AWG Test Voltage 500V/1min
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