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• The imaging optical path and laser optical path are coaxial.
• 1″ CS-Mount Lens
• Up to 20MegaPixels, 2.4µm Pixel Size Sensors
• Focal Length=75mm
• Distortion<0.2%
• Relative Illumination=97.8%

Focal Length (mm) 75
Illumination Location 150±20
Maximum Field of View (V°) 6
Support CCD Size(Φmm) 16(1")
Distortion(% Max) 0.2
MTF30 (lp/mm) 120
Relative Illumination(%) 97.8
Mount CS
Field of View (mm × mm)
CCD size Focal length 100mm Focal length 150mm Focal length 250mm
1”(13.13x8.76) 17.5x11.68 26.3x17.5 43.8x29.2
2/3”(8.45x7.1) 11.3x9.5 16.9x14.2 28.2x23.7
1/2”(6.4x4.8) 8.5x6.4 12.8x9.6 21.3x16



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