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• 360° imaging of various hole objects
• Compact to be easily held and integrated into any system.
• For sensors up to 2/3″ image circle φ6mm
• Customizable aperture to adjust the brightness and depth of field.

Supported Camera 2/3” Diameter(mm) Height(mm) WD(mm)
5 4 5
Image Circle Φ6.6mm 10 6 7
20 30 13
Wavelength Visible Light 30 30 17
40 40 24
WD Range 5mm-65mm 50 50 27
60 60 33
Mount C 80 80 44
100 100 55
120 120 65


Products Hole Inspection Lenses for 360° Inside View
Brand COOLENS® Company O Company C
WD 5~65mm 5~62mm 2.7~70mm
Length 50.8mm 101.9~115.2mm 111.9mm
Outside Diameter Max OD Φ26mm Min OD Φ12mm Max OD 37.7~40mm Min OD 28mm Max OD 33.6mm Min OD 20mm


Designed to simutaneous image both the inner walls and the bottom of objects, with different shapes such as threaded holes, cylinders, cones, holes and bottles. Coolens hole inspection lenses for 360° inside view can be widely used in food, medicine, automotive and other industries, perfect for medicine bottles, bottle caps, nuts and mechanical parts.


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