DTCM Series High Precision Bi-Telecentric Lens(Small)
• DTCM series with great Bi-telecentric design and extreme imaging quality.
• The field of view ranges from a minimum of 26mm to a maximum of 300mm, which is suitable for most industrial products.
• Adapt to various C-mount industrial cameras from 1/2.5"-1.1".
• A full series of 227 standard products and over 100 non-standard specifications, covering various application scenarios.
• Large aperture, high telecentricity, ultra-low distortion, ultra-large depth of field, outstanding performance, unparalleled.
• Each lens of the DTCM series has been precisely adjusted and can provide a comprehensive test report.
MODEL Support CCD size (Φmm) Object field FOV (Φmm) Magnification β(x) Working distance WD(mm) Lens interface