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Vision Technology Online Resumption Arrangement
Vision Technology Online Resumption Arrangement

Dear partners, dear colleagues:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the original resumption date of Vision Technology is no longer valid. After discussion at the office meeting, the following arrangements have been made:
1. The physical resumption of work is February 10 according to Guangdong Province. However, depending on the development of the epidemic, the company believes that the full resumption of work will be a gradual and flexible process, and we must be prepared to face more complex situations.
2. Colleagues who are still out of town suggest to arrange the return trip properly and fully consider the inconvenience and even harm caused by the super rework peak in the few days after February 8 (the 15th of the first month). The company does not make a rigid assessment for arrival on February 10. But I clearly hope that colleagues from other places can arrange the return trip as soon as possible to benefit their company.
3. From February 3rd, full online resumption of work and partial resumption of work will be implemented; according to statistics, more than half of the employees are already in the place where they work and are ready to work at any time.
4. The business department fully resumed customer consultation, model selection, sample delivery, inventory delivery and other services.
5. The production department negotiates with the park and strives to resume the minimum production, even if it is a single-person rotation operation, to meet the urgent needs of customers.
6. The commerce and shipping departments strive to ensure the shipment during this period, and can arrange special personnel, special vehicles and air transportation to ensure delivery to customers.

In the face of the epidemic, we choose responsibility and assume our corporate social responsibility. With extraordinary cohesion and combat effectiveness, we will put the belief of customer first into practical actions. The epidemic restricts us face-to-face, but Shiqing's service has never stopped.
The company calls on all colleagues to maintain an optimistic outlook in the face of the epidemic, strictly abide by national and local regulations, try to avoid going out, self-isolate, wear masks, and wash hands frequently.
The sun is always after the storm, let us be grateful, do the present, look forward to the future, and cheer for Wuhan